Due to a variety of circumstances, sometimes the court or a governmental organization (e.g., Children Services Board) might question the type or amount of contact that a particular parent may have with his/her children.  In those cases, a forensic psychologist’s services may be secured in order to help answer specific referral questions related to parenting issues.

It is important to underscore that a psychologist does not decide potential parent fitness.  The court or governing agency makes determinations regarding issues of parent rights, visitation, and the like.  A forensic psychologist’s role is to make formal recommendations, when requested to do so.

A parenting evaluation may result in more than a simple “fit” or “not fit” recommendation.  The potential complexities of a parenting evaluation can equal the complexities of the facets involved in the particular case.  As such, a relatively wide-range of suggestions can be made to the court or CSB, as a result of the evaluation.