In order for individuals to receive services from an Ohio county board of developmental disabilities, they first must meet a list of pre-identified qualifications.  Part of the determination process involves a psychological evaluation.  In particular, an individual must possess an IQ score that is significantly below average (below 70) and substantial deficits on a standardized measure of adaptive behavior.  Ohio departments of disability determination oversee waiver funding for individuals who qualify and also placements in CF/ID facilities.  Updated psychological evaluations typically are required in order to receive these services.  Often a ID evaluation includes IQ testing, adaptive behavior assessment, an interview with the client’s caregiver (or another person knowledgeable of the client’s daily activities), a client interview, and obtaining a psychosocial history.  Presently, MVA provides developmental disability evaluations for individuals served by the Greene, Clark (Mueller Center), Champaign, Fayette, Miami, and Logan counties. Note that the APA diagnostic manual currently uses the phrase "mental retardation." It is often used synonymously with "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability."